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We bring you the finest premium quality raisins from the vineyards of Malekan, Iran, utilizing our modern equipment and our high regard for standard quality.


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About Nioland

Who we are

Nioland has rich resources providing the best quality raisins from the finest vineyards of the Middle East e.g. Turkey and Iran.

Having offices in the Middle East and Germany, Nioland has facilitated exporting its quality raisins to Russia, Middle East, and Europe.

Facing the increasingly high demand resulting from the good quality of its premium quality raisins, Nioland established a modern factory equipped with the newest machinery near the vineyard which paved its way to becoming the leading export company in raisin production.

We are big on the one promise we make. Bringing you the pleasurable feeling of tasting raisins with the best quality, processed and made by profound knowledge and care.

Our premium quality raisins come in two types mentioned and explained in the section below for you to find what your favorites are. To get in touch with our friendly sales team contact us or send us an inquiry.

Experience the taste of quality raisins

At a shockingly reasonable price with Nioland

Raisins pack more nutrition than their small size may indicate. There’s no wonder that raisins are named the nature’s candy.

Becoming dehydrated, raisins’ nutrients become more concentrated, making a handful of raisins a naturally sweet and healthy snack that can aid digestion, boost iron levels. Being rich in B vitamins, iron, dietary fiber, sodium and potassium and no saturated fat, these dried fruits provide a mineral that is essential for helping your heart stay strong plus an excellent source of bone-building minerals such as calcium and boron.

These nutritious gems are used in:

  • Manufacturing industries such as bakeries and breakfast cereal producers
  • Dairy products such as yogurt and ice-creams
  • Salads, desserts and snacks

Our quality raisins come in two types


Sultana Raisin (Brown)

sun dried sultana

Golden Raisin (Sultana Grape)

Sultana Raisin (Brown, Sun Dried)

Delicately sun dried, Brown Sultanas preserve their naturally sweet taste, chewy texture, and hearty dose of nutrients!

Our natural sun dried Sultana raisins make a healthy snack, and a perfect addition to baked goods, oatmeal, or trail mix since they taste incredibly fresh and sweet.

Golden Raisin (Sultana Grape)

Golden Sultanas are not sun-dried hence they hold a higher antioxidant capacity than sun-dried black raisins do. These grapes are treated with a preservative called sulfur dioxide to retain the lighter golden color of the grape.

 Natural sultana (golden) raisins are perfectly moist and delicately sweet. These golden sultana raisins are absolutely delicious and are typically smaller than raisins and are sweeter, juicier and lighter in color than both raisins and currants. Great as a snack or in cereal. Sultanas are also used in savory dishes in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean  cuisine.

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